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Posted by mobilesphone on March 24, 2008

Nokia Quality

Comunication & Technology

The NOKIA products and customer experiences are the results of our everyday processes. Process management means finding the simplest way of operating, in order to create customer value in a lean manner. Our process thinking covers everything we do, and processes are continuously improved based on the measures and the feedback we receive from our customers.

Quality in management is vital for leveraging innovations globally and improving productivity in general. Our approach to this is platform thinking, process management and combining fact-based management with values-based leadership. We have developed a key framework for improvement at Nokia, which we call the ‘Self-Regulating Management System’. It’s about management practices that allow us to run our business in a consistent, effective and fact-based manner.

Commitment to quality improvement is a continuous management process. It is both a business strategy and a personal responsibility, and it is a part of our culture and values. But at the end of the day, quality improvement is much more than something we can quantify in words or pictures. It is an attitude – a mindset. By taking quality personally we are able to deliver world-class quality to our customers. It is our source of inspiration, energy and excitement.

Take quality personally!


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