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NOKIA 2310

Posted by mobilesphone on March 25, 2008

Basic mobile handsets that simply make and receive calls are practically a thing of the past. Nokia has considered the fact that not every mobile user wants a high-tech gadget that slides, flips, and takes the place of all their electronics. For this reason, they have continued to introduce stylish handsets that meet just the basic mobile needs. The Nokia 2310 is one of these simple mobile phones.

The 2310 is designed to be a durable, easy to use mobile phone that looks great, but with an economical price that everyone can enjoy. A traditional Nokia candybar, the 2310 is a very simple handset that is compact, lightweight, and comfortable to carry. Though simplicity is the primary focus, this is a fashionably styled mobile phone, available in three different colours.

Crisp white boasts a subtle, pearly casing and gives the phone a sleek, fresh appearance, while the vibrant orange model has a trendier look with an energetic appeal. Tranquil and serene, but guaranteed to turn heads, the bright turquoise version of the Nokia 2310 brings a different look to the mobile market. All three colours feature black trim around the full colour display screen and a stylish silver keypad.

While the screen is full colour, the resolution is rather low. This isn’t really an issue, however, because the Nokia 2310 doesn’t have a camera. The display is easy to personalize with custom themes and animated screensavers and wallpapers, but can be difficult to see in sunlight. Beneath the screen, the dedicated soft keys and simple navigation pad are easy to use and pose no problems.

With the press of a button, you can activate the integrated FM radio and enjoy the convenience of a great sounding walkman with the included headphones. Although the Nokia 2310 does not support MP3s, the radio sounds terrific and is an exceptional feature for a handset in this range.

The Nokia 2310 lacks most of the latest mobile technology. There are no connectivity options, web browsing is not supported, and the 2310 is a dual band handset without GPRS capabilities. The absence of multimedia features gives this handset exceptional battery life compared to other phones on the market and the Nokia 2310 can still support picture messaging, as well as text.

This simple handset is missing many of today’s common mobile features, but Nokia remembered to include the applications that every mobile user expects in a phone. There are three entertaining games preinstalled on the 2310, a small contact book, and a speakerphone with clear sound. The 2310 also includes an alarm clock with snooze, timer functions, and a convenient calculator.

While the Nokia 2310 is not the most advanced handset and can not compare to the multifunctional gadget mobiles currently on the market, it is a terrific phone that does exactly what a mobile phone should. If you are looking for a practical handset that takes calls, receive calls, and is simple for texting, the Nokia 2310 is ideal. The 2310 is an affordable handset with tremendous style that makes it easy to stay in touch


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