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NOKIA 6110

Posted by mobilesphone on March 25, 2008

Nokia 6110 Navigator

Can’t afford the N95? How about a Navigator then?
It looks like its GPS phones season. If you’ve been lusting after the Nokia N95 but cannot afford to dump RM2000 plus on it, take a look at the 6110 Navigator. It appears to be a fairly decent mobile phone optimized for GPS and is available for many hundred Ringgit less..
The Nokia’s 6110 Navigator was launched here recently and since then it has been making waves of its own – at least for fans of slider phones
Though it resembles the Nokia E65, the Navigator is slightly more compact and weighs a little over 120gm. Unlike the E65, the Navigator comes with a secondary VGA camera for video calls.
The bright, clear and big screen would appeal to the masses as you would not need to squint to look at messages. The speaker is also excellent which should prove useful when receiving voice directions from the GPS.
The main premise this phone is built on is its one touch GPS feature. With the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) which is preloaded with a local city map, you will always be able to pin point your next appointment location or where you are.
Unlike the N95, the Navigator uses the Route 66 GPS software. One city map is standard and if you need more, you would have to fork out money.
It runs on the latest Symbian OS v 9.2 and has 40MB internal memory. For additional memory and you are going to need it, there is a TransFlash/MicroSD memory expansion slot.
The phone is no slow coach either. Users would be able to carry high speed data transfers with HSDPA (3.5 G) and EDGE. The Navigator has a 2 Megapixel camera which should be able to capture decent images.
With Bluetooth and mini-USB port, connectivity is a breeze when you need to transfer photos or other files to and from your computer or laptop. Both the black/silver and white/silver color has a touch of class that will make the buying decision easier. We just hope the build quality is as good as the N series phones.
It looks like GPS is becoming the next big thing on mobiles after cameras and music and the 6110 Navigator looks poised to meet this demand.

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