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Samsung D880 DuoS

Posted by mobilesphone on March 25, 2008

Dual sim phones are not a recent concept and many users wish for a dual sim phone, however you had doubts when it comes to buying such phone because most of the available dual sim phones are Chinese brands. The change of direction in the dual sim arena comes from Samsung, which has recently launched D880 DuoS, a 2,5G model able ho hold two sim cards simultaneously.

Selecting the operational sim comes naturally when using the colloquial User Interface that also allows setting a ringtone for each sim. Also the WAP/MMS/E-mail profiles are changed automatically..


The Samsung D880 Duos users will certainly also enjoy the 2.3 inch QVGA display, the 3 megapixels autofocus camera, the document viewer, the slide design that consecrated Samsung phone, the increased capacity battery (1200 MAh) and also a business card recognition feature. Samsung brings the dual sim trend in the spotlight with Duos D880.

We shall see if Nokia and Motorola will decide to go in this direction. The only problem we could find with Samsung D880 Duos is the price: around 600$, depending on the region.


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