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Samsung E250

Posted by mobilesphone on March 25, 2008

The Samsung E250 is a part of the new range of budget sliders from the Korean mobile phone manufacturing giant. Other models that were inaugurated with the Samsung E250 are Samsung X530 and Samsung C300. The Samsung E250 looks much like the company’s senior offering. The handset is comparable with the flagship of ultra-skinny sliders – Samsung D900.

In fact, the Samsung E250 is an exact clone of the Samsung D900, except for a few minor differences in its casing’s curves and the keys size. For a naive mobile phone user it would be next to impossible to tell the difference between the two at a glance. The Samsung E250 is compactly made of standard plastic. The handset measures 99 x 50 x 13.9 mm and weighs just 80 grams. You will not encounter any problem with carrying the handset in bag or trousers pocket or in a shirt.

Though the mobile phone is not specifically targeted at male of female audience, it would greatly depends on its colour, and as for the rest, the handset will be fitting in both cases. The handset is currently available in four color schemes – green, pink, black and silver. Front fascia of the Samsung E250 is dominated by its 65k colour deliverable TFT screen. A smooth slide open mechanism reveals the handset’s well spaced out tactile numeric pad. This triband GSM mobile network supporting mobile phone shows superior network reception across five continents around the world.

The handset changes its band automatically to give you seamless voice connectivity irrespective to your global position. The 3 mobile Samsung E250 is empowered with class 10 GPRS as well as edge for faster data connectivity. You can send emails, browse the internet with its built in browser and download all your preferred web content directly to the mobile phones built in memory of 10 Mb. With the help of microSD memory card one can further upgrade the handset’s memory pool significantly


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