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Posted by mobilesphone on March 27, 2008

LG Chocolate mobile phone (also known as LG KG800) is the designer phone from LG Black Label Series. LG Chocolate is so named because of its appearance-wise looks like a bar of black chocolate. LG Chocolate cellphone is a a glossy piano-black slider phone with glowing touch-sensitive red controls below the screen. KG800 features 2″ 256k LCD colour display and 1.3 megapixel camera, plus media player with 128MB memory

LG Chocolate mobile phone and concluded that you’ve probably realized already that the LG Chocolate is more style than substance, with the celebrities the company has got on board to promote the thing. For that reason, it’s not quite up to Valrhona standards, but is still good enough to be likened to, say, Green & Black’s Dark. Cocoa mark: 70%
concluded that “there’s not much more to say really. It sports a great design and in some internet forums they even call it “the RAZR killer”. As far as our opinion goes, we have rarely seen so beautifully designed mobile phone.

We can’t say anything substantially bad about it, because it’s just not expected to amaze in functionality, but in design and style. The only exception is the awkward phonebook which we think should be well developed even in phones that are not business-orientated. It should be more developed in the line of user friendliness because it’s not only the sheer capacity that counts after all.”

Dech reviewed the Chocolate phone and concluded that “this is a very good phone indeed. It does all the things you need it to. I know that I will be using it for the next year at the very least. It’s a strong player and feels like it will last.

The LG Chocolate phone has its real super-strength in the style department, without a doubt. It’s a stunner. But on top of being a stunner, it has the body of a premiership football player (nothing Olympic), and the brains of reliable-but-dim secretary.”

reviews the LG KG800 Black Label series phone and concludes that this isn’t really meant to be a business phone or a power user’s phone, it’s for those who want a great looking phone with some basic multimedia functions particularly which is probably the vast majority of people.


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