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Samsung’s new Ultra Edition mobile phones to drive the next level of growth for the Korean electronics giant

Posted by mobilesphone on March 27, 2008

Samsung announced its mobile phone business strategy by launching the new Ultra Edition line-up of slim, smart and powerful mobile phones in the Middle East that will drive the next level of growth for the company in the region..

The Middle East launch of The Ultra Edition mobile phones takes ‘mobile communications’ to a whole new level, demonstrating Samsung’s vision for the future of mobile communications. The Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) leads the new handset pack from Samsung, boasting the world’s thinnest profile of only 6.9 mm. Also on display at the launch event was the Ultra Edition 12.9 (D900), the world’s slimmest slider with a depth of only 12.9mm and a picture-perfect 3 mega pixel camera and the Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830), a brand new clamshell handset that is 9.9 mm thin.

Addressing the press conference in Dubai to unveil the new Ultra Edition phones, Mr. Ihnchul Chung, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics HQ, said: ‘Samsung is delighted to bring about a whole new dimension to the way people communicate across the world. The mobile phone of tomorrow will be an all-in-one device for all your personal communications and digital entertainment needs. Samsung’s vision for mobile communications is to place a unique but simple central communications, entertainment and information hub in the palm of your hand. Samsung’s growing collection of ‘The Ultra Edition’ phones is part of the company’s aggressive global strategy to take on the leadership position in the mobile phone market. The success of the mobile phone business will tremendously contribute towards further enhancing the Samsung brand worldwide’.

He added: ‘The Ultra Edition also illustrates Samsung’s sensitivity to consumer needs by delivering smaller and slimmer mobile phones without compromising on performance, reliability or premium multimedia capabilities. The Ultra Edition range that we have introduced to this huge Middle East market will help boost our market share in this region and consolidate our market leadership in the high-end mobile phones segment. We have forecasted an increase in sales by 20% in 2006 for this region.’

The press conference was also attended by Mr. Chiwon Suh, President, Samsung Electronics, Middle East and Africa HQ and Mr. Jehyoung Park, President, Samsung Gulf Electronics.

‘The Ultra Edition phones will bring the next level of growth for Samsung. We will leverage UAE’s position as a technology hub and an international centre for innovation and business excellence by implementing an aggressive marketing strategy for The Ultra Edition to further boost Samsung sales across the entire region,’ said Mr. Chiwon Suh, President, Samsung Electronics, Middle East and Africa HQ.

‘Ergonomically designed, Samsung’s phones are beyond the limitations inherent in slim phones and embody a perfect combination of comfort, simplicity and sophistication. The new Ultra Edition phones with its exceptional sleek and ultra slim design will effortlessly integrate into the user’s everyday life. Samsung remains committed to delivering high quality, hi-tech and innovative mobile phone products,’ Mr Suh added.

Mr. Jehyoung Park, President, Samsung Gulf Electronics said: ‘The new Ultra Edition phones is not just a step forward in the Samsung’s vision, it’s a big leap forward. Samsung has had a focus on the design element in mobile phones throughout. We have introduced fantastic phones with extraordinary designs in the past. The Ultra Edition mobile phones combine exceptional looks, technology and excellent features meeting the needs of consumers who pursue only the best in their lives’.

The Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830) – World’s Slimmest Clamshell

Samsung’s Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830) raises the bar in slimness and design of clamshell handsets. With its simple ultra slim folder design and the latest cutting-edge technology, this 9.9 mm ultra slim clamshell is the result of Samsung’s constant efforts to go above and beyond the boundaries of form and function. This lightweight mobile comes outfitted with a 2 megapixel camera to capture those special moments wherever you go. Expect no bulges in your pocket when carrying this premium ultra slim clamshell that possess a 2.3′ wide display and an external memory slot for extra storage. Navigate effortlessly through functions, thanks to its enhanced user interface with uMenu and uSearch features. The stylish Ultra Edition 9.9’s variety of colors and patterned design will surely please the Middle Eastern & African mobile market.

The Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) – World’s Slimmest Phone

Samsung’s groundbreaking Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) expresses Samsung’s commitment to create the slimmest and lightest product in the market today. Weighing a mere 66 grams and measuring a slim 6.9mm depth, the lightweight Ultra Edition 6.9 is today’s definitive tool to help users stay connected, take pictures with the 2 megapixel camera, or enjoy their favorite tunes with the music player. The Ultra Edition 6.9 balances slim elegance with a functional keypad and tops off its supreme design with a beautifully bevelled cut surface for a natural grip. Fiberglass-infused plastic is also used to increase extraordinary durability to protect the wealth of features that are compressed into the 6.9mm frame using the Smart Surface Mounting Technology (SSMT). The Ultra Edition truly complements the active lifestyle of today’s consumers as its sleek and fashionable design will fit into your pocket invisibly for stylish mobility. You can also express yourself as it comes in a variety of the most fashionable colors. The X820 will be available in the UAE starting July 2006.

The Ultra Edition 12.9 (D900) -World’s Slimmest 3 Megapixel Slider

The Ultra Edition 12.9 offers the latest in multimedia technology with premium slide-up design for business professionals. The 12.9mm slide-up is the thinnest slider ever designed to come equipped with a powerful 3.13 megapixel auto-focus camera — leading the 3 megapixel camera phone trend in the global market this year. Unique and dynamic user interfaces enhance user’s mobile experience. The main screen will reflect networks and call status by displaying animated graphics to alert users of missed calls or unread messages, and imported documents can be viewed on the vivid 262K color screen. You can also enhance your multimedia experience with the Bluetooth® stereo headset. Whatever your desires may be, the Ultra Edition 12.9 will ‘slide up’ next to you for your next command.


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